Security Systems

We install every Security System for uncompromising protection, as
well as convenience and ease-of-use, with a deep understanding of
Burglar Alarm technology. Our Systems are designed for effective
theft prevention by protecting the vulnerable areas of a building or
home. Our Security System installation services are offered across

Across California, Progressive Technology has installed air-tight
Security Systems for Business, Local and Federal Government
Applications. Commercial and Government Customers have very
specific needs when it comes to protection. A $99 out-of-the-box system
will protect your bathroom as well as it protects your Information
Center. This makes Burglar Alarm System customization very
important when it comes to securing Commercial and Government
organizations, and that is our specialty.

With our design experience and understanding of alarm equipment, we
offer custom Security Systems which isolate protection on the most
important areas and assets. An example of this is our use of Security
Beams to protect materials yards. Several Burglar Alarms we have
installed not only protect the inside of a building, but an area outside
as well.

Alarm System Design & Installation

An Alarm System designed by Progressive Technology is driven by
two questions:
What or where needs to be protected? Whether you need to protect
your Family, Information, Assets, Inventory, the Design of your
Burglar Alarm System should be driven by these needs.

Where is your home or office vulnerable to intrusion? All buildings
are susceptible to being burglarized. This needs to be accounted for in
the design of a system.

All Progressive Technology Salespeople have installed systems with
their own hands, and are required to undertake rigorous training and
testing. So, you can trust that our system design will leverage advanced
security technology and experience to isolate protection on important
and vulnerable areas.

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